Alloway Soccer Club – History

The foundations of our Club were laid in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, when a Methodist Church youth club formed a soccer club. However, financial difficulties and a dispute led to the club being abandoned soon after. But in 1956 another group of young people decided there was room for a soccer club in Bundaberg, and decided to form one. After a recruitment campaign the club nominated two senior teams and a junior side for Bundaberg fixtures. The club continued to grow, with the formation of the Bundaberg Junior Soccer Association in 1956 spurring the interest of young players in the sport. The club won its first trophy in 1963, under the name of the Methodist Crusaders, when it beat Diggers in the News-Mail Charity Cup Final. This was to be the first success for a club which has since gone on to win many titles.

The club’s name was changed to Corinthians at a meeting on November 25, 1965, and strong interest from juniors in the district ensured its steady growth. Under its new name, the club continued on its winning way, taking out many trophies in the years that followed. In 1968 Corinthians fought off strong competition in the Referees Trophy in Rockhampton to take the title undefeated. The increase in membership numbers meant the club had to look at expanding, and a clubhouse and permanent grounds became a necessity. With help from the Alloway Progress Association, the club found the premises it needed, and to mark the new stage in its development, in 1979, it changed its name to the Alloway Soccer Club. Under this name the club has won two first division premierships, two Wide Bay championships and four second divison premierships (the last in 1996). At the end of 2000, the club changed its name to the East Corinthians Soccer Club, following the move from the Alloway Country Club to the East Sports Club. Throughout its history the club has kept to the same colours, blue and white, and it’s teams have earned the nickname “the mighty blues”.

In 2005, East Corinthians won their first senior division one News-Mail Cup competition for 19 years. This was also the first silverware for the East Corinthians/Alloway first division team since the early nineties. Club stalwart, Livio Marin was a part of this team as well as other long standing members Craig Brown, Matt Brown and Brenton Walk. East Corinthians have some great juniors coming through the ranks and the junior women players have excelled for this club by winning the under 14 grand final in 2002 and 2003 as well as being undefeated in 2004 during the domestic season. In 2005 saw a new under 17 competition and East Corinthians were the proud inaugarial winners of the league and grand final playing undefeated all season. The club has now moved back out to the Alloway country club and is in the next cycle of it long standing exsistance. The club focuses on being a family based club and welcome anyone that would like to join us.

Current Junior Teams are:
Under 6 strikers
Under 6 Stars
Under 7 Strikers
Under7 Stars
Under 8
Under 10
Under 16 Girls
third div mens
second div mens

The club is continuing to grow again and hope to have a full contingant in the senior compitions again next year. The club has also welcomed Lynn Hodgkinson to the club this year as senior and youth development coach.

If you would like to join the club or would like more information please feel free to call the Vice President and Junior register, Chad Simpson on 0448268249


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