Saturday October 27 the competition was a bogey.  A grade Alan Rayner +7 runner-up Tony Juillerat +4 c/b.  B grade Kim Baughurst +5 runner-up Bill Cowley +4.  Consolations B Peterson +4; D Faithfull, C Sanders +3; M Gallagher, G Jenkin, D Lester, W Knott, R Heath, B Prossliner, A Rennick +2; Ken Barritt, A Lanskey, B Foster, G Walker, T McLeod, T Marrinan, S McCracken, B Kleidon +1.  Approach 7th B Prestridge 1.24 and on the 13th A Moosbrugger 1.61.  Pro’s pinshots, 2nd A Rennick 1.99, K Aslett, R Heath, R Howard, M Finger, J Davis 5.45.  4th Alan Rayner 4.61, D Lester, C Sanders, Ken Barritt 9.00.  8th L Bust .88, T McLeod, B Peterson, T Juillerat, Alan Rayner, C Lutz, C Grotaers 8.15.  14th G Rieck .32, K Scotney, R Heath, P Skyring, K Aslett, D Faithfull 3.31.  Competitions this week-end: Saturday November 3 is a stroke monthly medals and the day also has bonus trophies as we are being sponsored by Jason Charteris ad JC Designer Kitchens.  Sunday November 4 is a stableford.  Round 1 of the annual President’s Trophy v. Bargara will be played on Sunday November 11 at Bundaberg, 4 ball match play, please be sure to include your names on the sheet on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.  The return match at Bargara is Sunday November 25.


Thursdays winner was Ian Webb 40 points runner-up Brendan Prossliner 39 c/b.  Consolations C Lutz, J Hutton 39; D Hardy, R Wagner, Adam Rayner 38.  Approach 3rd L Killer 4.73 and the 12th B Mackinnon 5.76.  Pinshots, 2nd, E Martin 3.07, R Norton 4.29.  4th Adam Rayner 2.11B Paget 2.60.  8th J Hutton 4.70, D Turner 5.09.  14th B Mackinnon 3.60, L DeGeorge 5.05.  Thursday November 1 is a stableford.


Wednesday October 24 was a 3 person ambrose, Pink Ball Day in support of the McGrath Foundation, a generous donation has been forwarded to the Foundation on behalf of all players on the day.  Competition winners Miriam Newman Betty Smith and Val Earney 64 3/6.  Consolations J Wilson C Wright J Davis 64 4/6; A Chalmers B Dummer L Bunker 65 1/6; C Redshaw T Scott M McQuire 68 3/6; D Kleidon W Short C Harrison 68 4/6; L Loveday K Thompson B Ramalli 69 1/6.   Saturday’s competition was a bogey and the ladies were generously sponsored by Good Guys Bundaberg.  Division 1 Joy Faithfull square and division 2 Carmel Wooldridge +6.  Consolations J Davis +2; V Nixon, M McQuire +1; D Kleidon square; L Finsen, J Baughurst, K Scotney, B Dummer, H Hannah, W Short -1; D Fleming -2.  Ladies Accurate drive Lesley Loveday.  Club approach 17th V Nixon .30, G Christie .70 and on the 14th div. 1 L Finsen and K Scotney in the hole and division 2 J Davis .24.  Competitions this week: Wednesday October 31 is a stroke end of the mid-week eclectic and trophies on the day donated by Beth Dummer.  Raffle Peg Vessey and cards Rae Canniffe.  Saturday November 3 is a stroke for the monthly medals, cards Lesley Loveday.  Sunday November 11 is the first round, played at Bundaberg,  of the annual President’s Trophy v Bargara.  Please be sure to include your name on the sheet in the Ladies room.  The final round will be played at Bargara on Sunday November 25.






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